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S2 E7 Rosewood: The Community

Like atrocities of a similar nature, the tragedy of the Rosewood Massacre draws attention to the community of Rosewood. It makes us take notice. But once that attention is fixed on these communities, we begin to discover worlds that many of us had little to no knowledge of previously. Too often, the stories of these worlds have been hidden or distorted and the narrative - controlled by people who have very little connection to or understanding about them. Yet, so much of our world today exists because of the worlds of our past.

Similarly, Rosewood was far more than another Black community that was pillaged and massacred. It was a world of real people, with names, and lives, hopes and dreams, problems, pain and fear. These people knew struggle and triumph and everything in between. Those who destroyed Rosewood may have tried to erase every sign of Black life. Still, not even the the erasure of Black life that has become a centuries-old sport can erase all that Rosewood was. The fact is, far too few people have any knowledge of what kind of community Rosewood really was before it was destroyed. This episode explores Rosewood as a community beginning from the days when it was first settled.

Guests in this episode include historian and archivist, Sherry Sherrod DuPree of the Rosewood Heritage Foundation as well as archeologist and University of Florida lecturer, Dr. Edward Gonzalez-Tennant.

Guests In This Episode

Archeologist and University of Florida Lecturer, Dr. Edward Gonzalez-Tennant

Historian and Archivist, Sherry Sherrod DuPree of the Rosewood, Heritage Foundation

“I think that stories like this could be used to further drive wedges between communities, or maybe I would like to think maybe show that there's the possibility for alliances between communities.” - Dr. Edward Gonzalez Tenant

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