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S3 E10 Documenting Unsung Women Leaders of Black Durham and North Carolina Part 2

Black women have often been omitted or written out of history. This much is true when it comes to many women leaders of Black Durham in the first several decades of the 20th century, when Durham, North Carolina’s Black Wall Street was at it’s height, as well as Black women across the state of North Carolina during this time period. As a result many Black women have never received the recognition or credit they deserved, in life or afterwards, for the contributions they made to their communities and society. This includes many Black women who took on central roles as de facto, sometimes clandestine political figures in the Jim Crow era after the disfranchisement of Black men in 1900. Some of the work of Dr. Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore refocuses attention on these women by exploring the instrumental and interconnected relationship of gender, class and race in North Carolina politics.

“And, this is a period of scientific discovery, the progressive era. So there's lots of new methods for doing things, canning vegetables, preserving things, keeping yourself, healthy, basically health and nutrition and the genes teachers did all of that. They went out, traveled all week long and, taught their students, really had a modernized their homes on very little, is that political? It is political because it's all tied to getting state resources, to be able to do that, to improve the lives of people that teaching literacy so that they can pass the stupid literacy test, which they didn't stand much chance up and to become leaders in the community who can broker, services for their black community. ~Dr. Glenda Elizabeth Gillmore

Guests in this episode

Dr. Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore

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